About us



IDEL BUILDING Ltd. is a well-established investment company, striving to meet the ever-increasing requirements of the growing construction market in Bulgaria.

The company specializes in the construction of buildings with a precise selection of locations and architectural visions.

The ideology of the company is to only finance sites with uncompromising functionality and quality of construction.

We are convinced that every project in which we invest time and money must be meaningful, exquisite and executed in a way that meets our high standards for quality and long-term trouble-free operation.


Trust our experience and professionalism, ensure yourself of the successful implementation of our projects and contact us to plan your future together!

IDEL Building Offers Its Clients:

We offer comfort, quality of life and security of your investment, in the long term, thanks to the quality of the materials used and the precision of execution.

Sales directly from the investor

Sales of apartments, garages/parking lots and retail space at every stage of the construction of residential buildings

Deferred payment for the construction stage

  • We invest in plots for the construction of residential buildings in prestigious neighborhoods in top locations in Sofia.
  • We prepare financial and economic analyses for the implementation of each investment project.
  • We provide our own financing for the projects.
  • We develop a state plan schedule and management of the construction process.
  • We select of an architect and chief design team to carry out the investment design.
  • We select approved contractors for the implementation of construction activities.
  • We organize the complete implementation of the construction process with a team of highly-qualified civil engineers, in compliance with all technological requirements for a quality product, using modern and new materials with a proven quality.
  • We carry out investor supervision of the construction process.
  • We keep impeccable documentation and financial control of expenses.
  • We maintain a complete technical file of the investment project.
  • We comply with all pre-planned deadlines for the construction of our buildings.
  • At the request of the client we offer interior design of the purchased property.

Why Idel Building?

We conduct an in-depth market analysis of the risks and opportunities, investing our capital wisely to meet and more often exceed the investment goals of each of our housing projects.

The team of IDEL BUILDING uses a set of principles aimed at investments with a secure and maximum return on investment.

  • Our projects are self-financed, which guarantees results within the deadlines set for the project.
  • We offer flexible payment schemes compliant with the individual capabilities of customers.
  • You can follow all stages of the construction and ensure the quality of the materials and the construction technologies used.
  • We use high-quality materials.
  • High energy efficiency of our sites. All our buildings meet the latest regulations and requirements in this regard.
  • Thanks to the high level of thermal insulation and the high standard of fittings used for windows and doors, you will have low monthly heating costs.
  • Our buildings are built according to modern requirements in construction – with modern, vibrant architectural designs and a variety of detail that emphasize the style and vision that make IDEL Buildings recognizable and distinctive.
  • We give modern look of the common areas such as stairs, corridors and railings, and luxury elevators, which give a modern vision to our buildings and complements the comfort of the occupants.


Our main goal is to create functional, aesthetically-pleasing spaces, built with materials of the highest quality, putting the comfort and convenience of customers first.

We want to provide peace of mind through the conviction in the expediency of the investment – that the market value of the properties offered by us grow progressively over time.

Our aim is to establish the name IDEL BUILDING as a standard for quality construction and comfort.


Our main approach is to refine every detail. Throughout the process, we make our decisions as though this would be our own home, tomorrow. Each of us puts in maximum effort and diligence to achieve a perfect result.

We honor our commitments and uncompromisingly adhere to:

  • Creativity in our projects.
  • Special attention to detail.
  • Professionalism in the work process.
  • Communication with our customers.

We are looking for construction plots

The investment company IDEL BUILDING is looking for suitable plots for high-end construction of boutique buildings in Sofia.

Our company is flexible so we look at different schemes for acquiring plots of land through sales, construction for compensation or real partnerships in the project. We are ready to discuss all reasonable ideas with the owners.

Our principles when choosing a plot for investment


Location in the city

Quick access to public transport.

Kindergartens, schools and universities

Retail outlets and health facilities

Parks and green areas for recreation